Here are a few of the latest trends for 'proposing to your bridesmaids'... what a lovely way to introduce them to the most important event planning adventure that you will ever face together! 

The trend seems to be the quirkier the better... You could DIY a cute gift box or scrapbook full of memories that you have shared together, photographs and personal items that will remind you of all the good times. A gift of wine or bubbly would be appreciated by any girl and personalised wine bottle labels are another popular idea, you could get miniature ones made up for a smaller bottle to be placed inside your gift box, perhaps with a champagne flute and a few other goodies as a thank you. 

Personalised dress hangers are a great idea too, I saw some ideas on where the wooden hangers had the names printed or wood-burnt onto the top, there are also some funky ideas where the hangers have the wire part curled into the word bridesmaid or an individual name, you could give each of the girls a little gift card that says, "we've got the hanger now to find the dress" or something similar. You could even arrange a personalised bridesmaid stubby holder and wrap this around the central part of the hanger for a double gift idea!

Some other unique ideas include a fun egg that you crack open to reveal a message, or you could make your own fortune cookies and hand them out at dinner, you can really personalise the message for each flower girl, bridesmaid and maid of honour! 

Maybe you will take your girls out or have them over for a casual barbecue with a few cold beverages to celebrate, why not arrange for personalised bridesmaid stubby holders, something that your bridesmaids can keep! Here are a few suggestions of some fun sayings that you can include on the coolers for a bit of fun: 

Top 10 Sayings For Your Bridesmaid Stubby Holders

  1. I need someone to wear an ugly dress so I look prettier in mine!
  2. Did anyone ever tell you how hot you would look in peach satin ruffles!
  3. I can't say I do without you - be my bridesmaid?
  4. Eat, Drink and Help me plan my wedding!?
  5. Keep Calm and Be My Bridesmaid
  6. I got my man... but I still need my girls
  7. Be my - chiffon wearing, tiara adjusting, teeth checking, flower holding, dress bustling bitch - for just one day!
  8. I moustache (picture of moustache) you a question... will you be my bridesmaid?
  9. I promise there will be no ugly colours, puffy sleeves or bows on the butt - will you be my bridesmaid?
  10. It's my turn to pop the question... will you be my bridesmaid.