At Coolaz we are thinking of something different for your next direct mail campaign - a functional promotional mail-out device! 

Our Coolaz adjustable-type stubbie coolers pack flat and to suit that we have made our own bespoke mailer that fits the stubby cooler perfectly, protecting it en-route. They are printed in full-colour, photo-quality, so no matter what you would like to get across, it will always look good and last - and as they measure 242mmx109mm there's plenty of room for designers to work with. 

The idea is that when your prospect receives the item in the mail, rather than being rapidly hidden, the message can be constantly refreshed at work or even at home as the product is used again and again. 

Ideas for a Coolaz Stubby Holder Mailout campaign

  • Introduce your company to new markets
  • Introduce new products or services to existing contacts
  • Brochure to warm prospects
  • Thank customers for their business
  • Christmas/Greeting Cards
  • Brand reinforcement

Create different design for different targets

As we print digitally here at Coolaz we can print many designs at once, so if you have a range of products or services and you would like to promote some of them to different sectors of your mailing list we can split a volume order any way you like, usually with very little or no extra cost. Combine this with tracking codes (see our previous feature 'Promotional stubby holder tips') and get excellent quality marketing data back too! 


To add even more value to your mail out why not upgrade your order include personalisation to each recipient? That way each customer or prospect receiving the message on the cooler is even less likely to discard it - who would not appreciate the effort of customising each message specifically to them? 

To get more information about Coolaz stubby holders and mailing package just contact us!