Most brides will feel that they should lean towards a grand event, arranging a lavish degustation of delights that will not only leave their guests completely full but overwhelmed with rich flavours and fancy presentation. Why not flip this tradition on its head and go down the healthy eating path, that way your guests will remember their experience for different reasons altogether.

When designing your wedding menu and table settings you should bear in mind that we eat with our eyes as much as our nose and taste buds - research shows that the way you display your meals, including the size and shape of your crockery and glassware can have an enormous effect on the amount that we eat. And while of course you are not looking to starve your guests there are some neat healthy eating tips that will help you to cut your budget too..! 

Most modern couples tend to take a casual approach to planning a wedding, having a self-service buffet can be a great option as it can not only save you on catering costs reducing the amount of waiters and servers required but is also a great way of getting your guest up out of their seats so that they don't feel like they are sitting formally for any length of time. Sometimes this can have a negative effect and mean that there is more waste, people often have eyes being bigger that their bellies and will load up their plates! Research also shows that an oversize plate can lead to your guests grabbing 20% more food and something as simple as reducing your plate size could save you a heap of $$$ and reduce the amount of waste! 

The best thing about combining healthy eating with your rustic wedding ideas is that you can not only choose an outdoorsy venue with a country style wedding theme but you can really take real advantage of any seasonal produce available in both your menu and your design. Think about the message that you would want to portray to your guests, the modern world relies on us to be environmentally friendly and also economical, so why not add some eco-friendly wedding ideas into your big day and show your guests how to create a wedding without the need for a grand budget and the expected traditional extravagance. 

Think 'outside the bin' use recycled items such as mason jars and glasses for your wedding decorations, fill them up with sand or coloured liquid and paint your table numbers on the outside. You can bake cookies or make heart shaped bird seed hangers that your guests can take back to feed the birds in their own gardens. Recipe favours are another unique wedding idea, print your favourite recipe with the caption - "from our kitchen to yours" - you could even print these onto your wedding stubby holders along with an individual guest name so that your bonbonierre gift is a recipe, drink cooler and place name all in one - what a great way to save printing name cards and recipe slips as well as the stubby holder!