How do we measure the effectiveness of giving out a free stubby holder to customers or prospects? Well, until Coolaz started making stubby holders it was quite difficult, but with our digital print process we can now make it very easy for our business customers to track each individual cooler put into the hands of customers and prospects. By printing a unique, sequential number on each stubby holder it can quickly ascertained how many stubby holders have been issued and, when a prospect engages, by requesting the number off the cooler it can be cross referenced with records to find out exactly when and where they received it. We'll certainly be doing this ourselves for the expos we have booked this year in Brisbane and Melbourne. By adding a unique code on each cooler we give out:

  1. We'll know how many we gave out at each show and therefore the cost of each event in total.
  2. By using attendance figures to find the ratio of guests to samples we'll know instantly whether our products were more attractive to visiting brides in Melbourne or Brisbane.
  3. In time we will also find out which of the two expos is the more effective show for us in generating an ROI and therefore have the information we need to be able to plan and budget for next year's expo season.

Hopefully you will be able to see that by being able to measure and track our giveaway samples we give ourselves a powerful tool that helps us plan for the future.

Other marketing strategies

Expos are just one route to the market for us, and in-house we use the ability to print variable information on our coolers in our Free Sample marketing campaign too. By adding a letter of the alphabet and a sequential number for each free sample design we send out we can then use a data capture device (a basic drop down list) on our website so we can track which design the person received and therefore have a measure of which designs are successful and those that are not. It is very simple in its execution, but the information is obviously of great importance to us in developing and refining the strategy over time.

Ideas for your business

  • Use the code on the cooler on your website or when the customer makes an order to issue a discount or other incentive. This is a great way to make sure you get information about how customers reach you, and also gives the stubby holder promotion a neat 'call to action.'
  • If you have a sales team, a code unique to each team member give a means of measuring both their efficacy in delivering samples and also in bringing prospects over the line.
  • Use the code as a competition or lottery entry. A great idea when using the coolers as a fundraising initiative to give it superb added value.

To learn more about numbering Coolaz stubby holders just give us a call or email and we'll be happy to discuss ways to optimise your promotional strategy.