Take this colour theme to the next level, add a modern twist, perhaps funky black and white striped bridesmaid dresses, or for a spring/summer wedding choose short black cocktail dresses, great for your wedding budget too as I'm sure your bridesmaids will not mind helping you out with purchasing these as a little black dress can be worn again at another occasion! 

Of course, with this colour scheme, there is always the opportunity to just add a splash of colour - and the great thing is that pretty much any colour works. Lime and hot pinks are punchy - teal and blues more refined. The choice is yours of course, and these highlights can be added into any of our templates - either in the print or in the case of the aforementioned colours - be the interior foam colour.

Choose your wedding flowers with bright white bridesmaid bouquets as a stunning contrast, you can follow this contrasting theme when you create your custom stubby holders too.