Fallout 4 'Nuka-Cola Quantum' Stubby Holder (Koozie) Concept

Anyone out there who has tried to commercialise a product that relies on a license will know that it is not necessarily an easy task from scratch. About a third of the staff here at Coolaz are hardcore Fallout4 fans and having some LED lights and associated electronics hanging around as well as a way of cutting custom shapes we came up with this stubby holder/koozie concept.

We use an super-bright LED powered by coin cells to uplight through the beverage - and it looks amazing with all those colourful energy drinks out there. 

Giddy as school boys, we started the investigative process as to how we can get this out there to all you other fans. We learned about minimum guarantees, royalties and a whole plethora of other stuff and sadly in the end we decided that we could not afford the risk of signing up to all of this - and committing to the tooling required - we'd probably have to punch out 20 - 30,000 units to cover everything and there's no way we can estimate the amount of people that would pay $12.99 plus postage for one... well, I guess if we got 30,000 likes we might feel more confident lol... ;-)