Our Bucks Night stubby holder design templates

We've three broad categories that all our stubby holder designs fit into here at Coolaz - we call them 'safe', 'risque' and ''beer & spirits' - each template can be modified in a wide number of ways too. Colours, the text and its font style can be changed easily so if you see a number of things you like in a few different stubby holder templates below and on further pages then all you need to do it let us know the codes for the ones you like and exactly what you'd like us to put together for you. You can do this on the order form that follows clicking on just one of the designs you like.

1. 'Safe' Bucks stubby holder designs

If you are going betting, bowling, golfing or camping or any other Bucks activity but want to keep your stubby holders such that you can safely show them to the Mother-in-Law to be then start here.

2. 'Mock Label'  Bucks stubby holders designs

Sadly no longer available…. :-(

3. 'Risque' Bucks stubby holder designs

Well, we do not need to say much more - just look at the images below and you'll know exactly what this Bucks stubby holder section is about! Click here to see all our design templates.

FAQs - 1. Adding a photo to your Bucks stubby holders

This is generally really easy. After placing your order you will receive an order number - just email your image to us with that number somewhere in the email as a reference and we'll tie everything together here - most if not all the templates below can be adjusted to make way for that all-important embarrassing shot of the Buck. We've seen pretty much everything here over the years, but do bear in mind both our designers are female so a fair warning is nice if there's a little too much skin on show ;-)

FAQs - 2. Individualisation of your stubby holders

Coolaz Stubby Holders can also be individually named (with a first name or nickname maybe) - it's a great way to make sure no-one steals your drink and to allow identification on the morning after!

Need some inspiration?

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