Getting your location on your stubby holders

A photo of the location you are getting married at on your wedding stubby holders together with the text you choose makes a wonderfully personalised wedding favour. If the designs below do not suit - there are quite a few possible locations out there! - you can quite easily create your own design by sending us a photo. A quick Google image search will often show you a good selection of images of countless locations - use the Size modifier in the Search Tools to limit the results you see to those that are larger than 2MP (1600px wide) to get the best printed results. We should say avoid results that are marked Copyright of the photographer.

Contacting your hotel up front is also a good option to get that perfect shot for your stubby holders. The vast majority will have done the hard work for you in getting fantastic promotional shots for their website or promotional literature. We've never heard of a case of a hotel refusing the opportunity to a) make you happy and b) have a whole bunch of promotional stubby holders printed for free! Contact us if you need help with any of the above of course.