Stubby holders we make at Coolaz

When we say made in Australia at Coolaz we mean made in Australia - not just printed. We bring in a materials in the largest format we can and cut, chop and press everything down to the size we need for your coolers. This gives us fantastic control of our production process which means are both flexible (do you need a stubby holder that is a bit bigger or taller than the norm?) and efficient: our prices are the lowest on the Internet without compromising on quality,

Traditional 'wetsuit with a base' stubby holders

The familiar stubby holder as was first introduced decades ago from the US. A white polyester/5mm neoprene/black nylon sandwich that we can print with any colour thanks to the dye sublimation process. We use environmentally friendly water-based inks - great, if like, us you know a little child thank likes to chew on a stubby holder! We can print any number of these that you like, from one to many thousand.

Coolaz's own adjustable Velcro stubby holders

This product was how it all started for us here. What seems a long, long time ago we wondered why stubby holders were black - when black is literally the worst colour to choose if you need to insulate something cold from the sun's radiant heat. Our unique adjustable wrap coolers are printed in high resolution on a waterproof laminate and backed with toy-grade multi-coloured EVA foam. Fixing is made by discreet, transparent Velcro  fasteners so they can accomodate a wide range of size of bottles and cans.

Their flat-pack form-factor, low cost, speed of manufacture and print flexibility (we only print individual names and variable information on this style of stubby holder at the moment) give them several advantages if you need them.

Collapsible stubby holders

Also know as koozies in the US, this style are the lowest cost stubby holder choice - mainly used if space is really at a premium or as a giveaway (these are the lowest cost option). Our collapsible stubby holder are made from foam - like the most common US styles. Neoprene collapsible stubby holder are possible, but as the cost is around the same as the traditional 5mm wetsuit style they are rarely asked for.

Other stubby holders (we don't make but may be able to procure)

Satinless, plastic, polystyrene, EVA foam, bottle....