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How to Design your Wedding Invitations - as Stubby Holders!

2nd April 2013

There are many elements to consider when designing your own wedding invitations, with a lot being said for first impressions, your save the date followed by an invitation will certainly set the scene for your wedding ceremony and reception party, it will give your guests a true insight into your wedding theme, style and the atmosphere you are trying to create.

Deciding on the base colour and foundation ideas for building your design is a great place to start when creating your wedding invites. Choosing the theme and colour combinations for your wedding will really help you to decide how you would like your wedding invitations to look and feel and how to actually design an invitation. Perhaps you are going for an eco-friendly garden wedding and will use recycled paper and rustic colours in your wedding invitations, stationery and decorations.

wedding stubby holders

Maybe you are having a beach wedding and will feature hints of the ocean such as shells, starfish, sand and blue colours within your wedding invitation design. If you are having a formal wedding then there are some fabulous wedding colour schemes to give you an elegant and sophisticated edge to your wedding invite design.

wedding stubby holders

One of the most important elements to consider is your wedding invitation wording. You will want to make sure that both your design and wording for your wedding invites work well together, thinking about the formality of your event and make sure that this is reflected in the layout. The wording for your wedding invitations might have a very structured and formal feel, or a more casual and relaxed tone. Also, if you are planning a beach or garden wedding be sure to inform your guests and state the dress code so that they can dress suitably.

When considering the formality of your wedding invitation you should think about the level of etiquette that might be required in the wording for your wedding invitations, how it is addressed and who the invite is coming from, will you include the bride's parents, groom's parents, both sets of parents or perhaps it will simply be a wedding invitation from the bride and groom. Here are some suggestions that might help you to design your own invitations:

Wedding Invitation Wording

1. Invitation Wording From Brides Parents

Mr & Mrs (bride's parents)
Request the pleasure of the company of
(Guest Name)
at the marriage of their daughter

Bride Name
Groom Name

On 1st January 2013, Ceremony at 2pm
The Ceremony Rooms
Garden of Love
Victoria 3931

Reception to follow

We would be honoured if you would
share this special occasion with us

RSVP Details

2. Invitation Wording from Bride & Groom's Parents

Mr and Mrs (brides parents)
together with
Mr and Mrs (groom's parents)
are proud to invite
(guest name)
to celebrate the marriage of their children

Bride Name
Groom Name

On 1st January 2013, Ceremony at 2pm
The Ceremony Rooms
Garden of Love
Victoria 3931

Reception to follow

We would be honoured if you would
share this special occasion with us

RSVP Details

3. Invitation Wording from Parents(no names mentioned).

Together with their parents

Bride Name and Groom Name
Request the pleasure of the company of
Guest Name

To celebrate their marriage


4. Wording from Bride & Groom only

Bride Name
Groom Name
request the honour of your presence
to share in the celebration of their marriage etc...

Check out some of our designs and turn your Coolaz stubby holders into stylish wedding invitations:

Design Ref: WED-INVITE-THEME-002 Vintage Themed...

wedding stubby holders

Design Ref: WED-INVITE-THEME-003 Black-And-White Themed...

wedding stubby holders

Design Ref: WED-INVITE-THEME-004 Bohemian Themed...

wedding stubby holders

To choose any of these designs for your wedding invitation stubby holders, simply quote the design reference above your chosen design template e.g. WED-INVITE-THEME-002 Vintage.

Don't forget with their sleek design a Coolaz stubby holder can be easily placed in the mail so that you can literally send them as your wedding invitations! What a great, and unique way to make your guests feel a part of your wedding day from the very start.

Happy Wedding Planning!

- Gemma

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