If you are a club or sporting team and looking to raise some much needed funds for your organisation then Coolaz have the solution. Our promotional stubby holders are printed in full colour with a photo-quality finish; you can include your team logo and colours, design it to look like your sports clothes - football shirts or basketball jerseys, add a photograph of the team, as well as adding team names, individual player names and numbers!

With our outstanding high quality digital print process there have never been so many options to engage your fans and offer your members a truly unique experience.  Coolaz stubby coolers are ideal for local merchandising too - with our low unit price ask us about our recommended retail values to put you on the path to easily and quickly generate extra funds for your sports team, event or charity fundraiser!

Sports Merchandise

Coolaz promotional stubby holders are fantastic fundraiser as part of your club merchandise; they can be sold over the bar, at the ticket office, through online sports stores or even on the terraces. The artwork can be tailored for a specific sporting game or milestone event such as a club anniversary or anticipated rival game all to become part of your fan gear and merchandise for sale. Your promotional products will make great sport memorabilia, as a memento or ‘record’ of a particular game, or printed as a series of featured players photo stubby holders, like collecting cards, for your fans and members to treasure!


A great way for a club or community team to raise funds is to reach out for sponsors, many organisations and large corporations will make provisions as part of their marketing plan to offer this type of support. Your promotional stubby holders could be sponsor subsidised as an advertising vehicle for both you and your sponsor, these can then be used as a promotional giveaway at your opening game or as a special offer during the season to keep your fans engaged.

Promotional Giveaways

Promotional product giveaways are a great idea for your club to raise awareness. They can be handed out at games or fundraising events, direct to members as part of a membership package or as sponsorship for other events in the community.

The giveaway might also be driven by a sponsor to raise awareness of their involvement in the club, their support for a particular match or event, and as a promotion of their own products and services alongside that of your own club’s marketing campaign.

Codes for competitions and customer interaction

A custom QR code or barcode can improve the value of your promotional stubby holders and make them go that extra mile.  Providing a scannable call to action such as a ‘like on Facebook’ or ‘click here to donate’ can work really well for your club. A great way to drive traffic to your sponsor’s website too, perhaps via a big-screen prompt to scan and enter a competition or for their chance to win.  Variable information encoded into a QR code (e.g. each product has a unique code) can be used to further enhance the recipients experience and is a powerful marketing tool for tracking their interaction.

Unique numbers for raffle

Something as simple as a consecutive number on each stubbie cooler can be used as part of a raffle or lottery entry or even as a voucher with a unique discount code from a local supplier or sponsor.This will undoubtedly increase the sales and the lifetime of your promotional stubby holders, not only can your coolers be purchased like a raffle ticket but they will also be retained until the voucher has been redeemed. You might announce the winning number at the end of the game to hold visitors there until the end, perhaps even over a few games to entice the recipient to hold onto their promotional merchandise and come back again next week!

Club functions and corporate gifts

If your club has the facility to hold luncheons, dinners, corporate events and club functions then you could consider promotional items as part of your function package. Coolaz promotional stubbie coolers also allow you to add individual guest names to each item, easily making a personalised corporate gift. These can also double up as place cards, perfect for seating arrangements or as name 'badges' for networking nights, a great way to get to know each other and to keep your drink cold, all while promoting your club’s message!

This can also work well as part of your sponsor’s inclusion as an advertising tool to reach your corporate visitors, event organisers and guests.

Tickets and Memeberships

If you offer membership programs at your club then our coolers are great as part of a gift pack, as a ticket or season pass - we can offer sequential numbering or unique barcoding so that each cooler (ticket) is individual. This neat tool of numbering your promotional products is also great for giveaways and lottery/raffle type draws.

Season Pass

Great for continual support from your members, and driving visitor incentives. For example our coolers can be hole-punched; perhaps your incentive might be for attendance at a certain number of games to receive a discount in the bar or a personalised gift!

Membership Gift

With the option to individually name our coolers, as part of your membership package and incentive to join you can offer sports merchandise including but not limited to promotional stubby holders. A great idea for Social Clubs too;

Tickets for the Game

With our ability to include sequential numbering you could design each stubbie cooler to be a unique ticket, ideal for purchasing tickets for special games, fundraisers and family day sports events. This might also include a list of fixtures throughout the season to keep your fans coming back!