Designed and made in Australia

You also have the knowledge that Coolaz branded promotional products are all made (not just printed) in Australia. We have vertically integrated manufacturing process - we start off with huge sheets and incredible long rolls of everything to move through our production process until your stubby coolers roll of the line and are packed and ready to go.

Rapid Stubby Cooler Prototyping

Once we have you on our system we can also create digital representations of your stubby holder like those you get when you click on the images on the right hand side. Of course, our one-off stubby holder price makes it extremely cost effective to create a real working prototype to hone ideas and get them across to others in the best way possible..

Small form-factor

If space is at a premium then Coolaz's adjustable-type stubby holders can be used to support your brand or company and attract new customers - particularly those who like something new. Very efficient to pack and move (one pallet 1m x 1m x 1m can hold about 20,000 units), they can be given away at POS, slipped easily into a show bag or possibly included in your product's packaging. Being thin and tough enough, they can also be distributed through the postal system


Articles and Tips

Using variable data to get more out of your promotional campaign

Read our in-depth article on using variable data and coding to allow you to quantify the effectiveness of a promotional campaign that uses stubby holders..

Using our flat-pack stubby holders in a direct mailing campaign

Our adjustable-type stubby holders are flat when not in use and by using a bespoke envelope to suit we send them through the mail every week as try-before-you buy samples for our interested customers.