Of course, the best promotion for any band is touring, but the catch is that often the funding for the next tour will come directly from previous merchandise sales and so it is important to make the most of your product sales as you possibly can. 

So, why choose Coolaz stubby holders for your merchandise stand? Well, there are a number of reasons... 

  • Coolaz coolers are printed in full colour with a photo-quality finish, you can include a photograph of your band, a full colour logo or both.
  • With our digital print and unique manufacturing process we can get things made really quickly, so if you have a last minute gig or a sell-out then we can make sure your merchandise is delivered direct to your venue - and fast!
  • One size fits all - don't worry about the bottles on sale at the venue or what your fans will be drinking home, our stubby holders will fit cans, stubbies, 330ml and even 250ml slim bottles!
  • You can add a QR code or Barcode to each cooler, this is great for a link through to your Facebook page or Myspace using an app enabled phone and can also be used for ticketing! (see our feature 'Barcoding to support your promotion' - 18 July 2011)
  • Our adjustable type Coolaz stubby coolers are fully waterproof and have a 200um protective laminate film that can be written on with a permanent marker pen - so perfect for signing for each of your fans! and this added value with mean you can make a little more profit too!

We've also made stubby holders for lots of small Australian music festivals.

With a recommended retail value of $5-8 for adjustable and $9-12 for the traditional wetsuit-type stubby coolers you can add your own personal touch with a signature or handwritten message from the band and be guaranteed to double the sale price of your cooler, it has been proven that fans are happy to purchase a signed Coolaz cooler for $10 and with the initial unit price that you will get from us you will be able to make a killing on the night! 

Due to our flexible print process we can also print several designs across your ordered volume for little or no extra cost, this can add such value to an order - for example you could have a different design for each venue you are playing on your tour...? What an amazing opportunity for your fans to purchase a unique item of memorabilia only designed for that show! 

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Merchandise for your band

Stubby holders are great way to raise funds while on tour - or promote them.

Case Studies

Beccy Cole

Just a couple of the many Beccy Cole stubby holders we've made for her team and tours.

Just a couple of the many Beccy Cole stubby holders we've made for her team and tours.

We've been working with Beccy Cole's creative team for several years creating unique merchandise to help with touring and album launches.

So, on that note when considering stubby holders as an addition to your merchandise range Coolaz really are the best choice, get in touch and we'll help you to create a product that is perfect for you - and your fans!