In Coolaz's early days we experienced the hugely stressful situation where what we ordered was definitely not what we received in our shipping container and we don't wish that on anyone, let alone someone trying to start something new and building nascent relationships with retailers large and small. The only way to realistically avoid that is bring manufacturing on-shore and let us handle the QA and colour matching this side. We work with lots of designers and IP owners that find that aspect of what we can offer more than worth the price per unit difference they can achieve in Asia. Following are some of the retail applications we've found ourselves involved in, if you think we can help you then please drop us line and we'd be delighted to help.

Stubby Holder Souvenirs

As well as making stubby holders for niche tourist industries, we also send them all over the world!

Stubby holders make excellent retail items at souvenir locations and tourist hot-spots across Australia (and the world). We've worked with lots of venues, photographers, illustrators and small tourist businesses all over to create appealing retail products for their customers. Being full-colour, vibrant and high resolution both our core styles of stubby holder (wetsuit with base and adjustable types) are easy to make into luscious looking products. Each style has it merits, the more traditional wetsuit with its familiarity and the adjustable being popular where space is a premium or even being sold as a postcard-type souvenir for tourist to send back home! 

POS devices and packaging

Our bespoke 'milk carton' stubby holder packaging solution.

Our bespoke 'milk carton' stubby holder packaging solution.

We make our own bespoke packaging here - this way we can control the design.and production in-house giving us huge flexibility and rapid response times. As well as detailed product packaging as shown to the right, we can make plain RSC or tuck boxes, envelopes for our adjustable stubby holders and POS material such as display boxes and pull-ups to showcase our products.

Case Studies

Large sports memorabilia IP owner

This group contacted us infuriated by the lack of colour matching and quality of the product coming in from overseas. With large block colours on hundreds of designs the group was being contacted regularly by retailers complaining that new stock was creating issues on the shelf where each batch was clearly different from the one previous. 

We now handle all their stubby holder production here in Victoria where we hold a example of each production run on file so we can maintain colour consistency from now on. As well as that, by utilising our flexible print processes, the customer can keep lower volumes on each SKU as we make to order, saving them upfront costs and storage space at their main retail outlet. 

High Street designer outlet

Our client is an iconic part of the Australian fashion landscape and is known for their collaborations with a range of designers.  A recent collaboration provided a bold, bright and heavily patterned collection – perfect to put on a stubby holder for promotional use at their celebration and as part of their range available for sale in retail stores and online.

As part of the brief our client provided Pantone colours, which were converted to CMYK colours followed by a dye-sublimation process to transfer the print to the neoprene.  It was our understanding that the artwork was also going to be used on apparel and homewares styles so the colours all needed to look similar. To assist in ensuring that all colours were aligned, a physical colour swatch was supplied by the client which we used as our reference and final match and a proof panel was sent to the client for approval.

Stubby holders featuring the designers print artwork we worked across two invoices to meet internal expense allocation requirements.  Packing as per detailed client guidelines in preparation for dispatch to a range of different locations including head office and retail stores.