November 2015's 'designs of the month' 

Oh boy - we are bit behind at the moment! Adding November in January. All this designing means as well as not getting to update the designs in time - we are also creating far too many to make it easy to choose from! Starting from this month you'll also be able to click through and order the designs - clearly in some case we automatically amend the template to suit your needs. 

October 2015's 'designs of the month' 

A month with more than a few vintage stubby holder designs - for weddings, but some other events too. See them all in detail by clicking here: October's stand-out stubby holder designs

September 2015's top stubby holder designs

A few personalised photographic stubby holders for weddings this month, See them all here: September's designs

August's chosen from our database of stubby holder designs

A handful of great Hens Night stubby holder designs plus a couple of great vintage wedding design and other occasions in the mix. See them all in detail here: August's Stubby Holders.

July's best of the best stubby holders

Burnt wood, mock brands and school reunions... and shock, horror it Kate's funtabulous pop-art 40th birthday stubby holders.. The July's best stubby holder designs in detail here