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Australian Indoor Lacrosse Team - Style: Coolaz adjustable stubby holder

Working with the Australian Indoor Lacrosse Team, we helped to create a set of promotional stubby holders to help raise funds for the team’s forthcoming international games. The players & coaches of this team do not currently receive any government funding for their travel and so the extra assistance is very much needed so that they can continue playing for our country. The latest fundraising efforts were to support the team travelling to Canada/USA to compete in the 2015 World Indoor Lacrosse Championships.

We created a set of six unique stubby holders for each of the lead up games; these were to be presented to each of the players in the opposing teams to thank them for helping prepare for the World Championships. We also created a further two  generic designs that the team would go onto sell both ahead of the event and at the games to help raise those much needed travel funds.

The stubby holder designs feature the traditional Australian colours of Gold and Green and the Indoor Lacrosse Team’s logo.