Make the most of those bright sunny autumn days, stick to colours that complement the season, and be sure to do a little research about the location you choose and be sure to prepare for all elements! Use in season flowers for your wedding bouquets, this can vary from climate to climate and can make an autumn wedding in the north very different from a wedding at the same time of year in the south! 

Here are some of the latest wedding colours and seasonal trends that are hitting the wedding scene this Autumn, perhaps you are planning your wedding for 2014... be sure to consider these colours in your wedding invitations, decorations and more! 

Orange, Yellow & Grey

From silver-grey bridesmaid dresses that are brightened up with an orange/yellow wedding sash to the bridal flowers and table decorations. These colours will bring a warm feeling to the celebration and make stunning colours for your wedding pictures. 

The grey-green of succulents used in button holes and the bouquets are extremely effective against a bright orange and yellow rose or carnation. You can even incorporate these colours in the drinks that you serve, such as a tropical punch or wedding cocktail. 

Aqua, Peach & Cream

There is something very vintage about the combination of an aqua glass vase and peach roses, these will make a fantastic centrepiece at any wedding. Adding this combination into the bridal wear is also great, you could include peach bridesmaid dresses and then matching peach and aqua ties for the groomsmen. 

Don't forget to sneak a cute pair of wedding shoes under your dress - a bright aqua would be very funky and covers your something blue too. 

When designing your wedding invites, table decorations, bonbonierre and favours make sure that you are true to the colour combination that you choose for your wedding. You could also choose a couple of fonts to help theme your artwork and complete your wedding stationery. 


Plum, Teal & Light Brown

This colour combination for your wedding is full of rich and warm shades that will give a classic and formal feel to your wedding day. A versatile combination that can also be considered for a modern vintage wedding, picking a vintage peacock theme for your wedding is a fabulous idea and can add heaps of style and chique. 

There are so many ways that you can include these colours and images such as peacock feathers in your wedding stationery, following your theme through from your save the dates through to your table decorations, bridesmaid dresses and even your thank you cards to friends and family following your wedding day! 

Vintage signs are also very popular and can follow a font theme beautifully, choose something bold like Rockwell or a stencil font that would stand out on your event signs! A cute way to welcome your guests - be sure to follow this through onto your wedding favours and personalised gifts. 

Here are our wedding stubby holder suggestions to suit this wedding colour theme: