Coolaz Stubby Holder Templates FAQs

  • Can I ask for different colours on this design? YES!
  • Can I ask for a different background - even a patterned or photographic one - for this design? YES!
  • Can I ask for the wording to be changed on this design? YES!
  • Can I change the style of the wording on this design to that of another design on your website that I prefer? YES!
  • Can I send in a photo to add to this design? YES! Most designs can have a photo overlaid or added to them.

For all the above you just have to let us know what you'd like to change on the order form that appears after you click ORDER NOW

  • Do you send me a sample of what it will look like before I have to pay? YES!  We'll send that to you via email once your design has been completed.
  • How quickly can you make my stubby holders? VERY QUICKLY! We even have a 24hr service if you need it.