When you are ready to begin the planning process it is a great idea for you and your future husband/wife to sit down together and create a simple wedding checklist - this can include simple tick lists of the important aspects of planning your wedding and with a deadline for each so that you stay on track and in control. Planning a wedding can be a daunting task and is something that you need to tackle together. 

Choosing a beach wedding can make a wonderful and casual affair and give you a base for creating your wedding party ideas! It does mean that your decorations and wedding bonbonierre ideas do not have to be formal and can reflect your modern setting and your personalities! 

Maybe you will choose to have a beach ceremony in the late afternoon to avoid the midday sun, followed by a beach wedding reception. Choose a cocktail style with bar tables and casual dining, no need for the formal sit down - this will make your guests feel more relaxed in a beach environment and a great way to get your guests to mingle! There are many wedding venues across Australia than can offer a cocktail style wedding, for example, we have heard raving reviews about All Smiles for a wedding in Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula.

The casual wedding can also lend itself to creating fun ideas for wedding bonbonierre for your guests, consider our wedding stubby holders, they can be personalised with a beach wedding theme or using the colours that you have chosen, we can match the colour to your bridesmaid dresses or your decorations. They can include your names and the date of your event along with a personal message. The great thing about Coolaz wedding stubbies is that they can also include an individual guest name so that each person has their very own named gift - a great way for people to identify their drinks and a practical gift that your guests can take home with them too.

You can choose from hundreds of designs online that have been designed specifically for a beach wedding.